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Welcome to the University of YOU! This is a space where you will find personal stories from a perpetual student of life. I’m sure that we share some similar feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Subjects will be varied and helpful to those interested in self-mastery that will propel you at work as well as life. I look forward to hearing what you think!

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Let’s Do A Reboot!

If this were December 31st again, what would be your intention? I think peace on earth is always a great place to start, but maybe a Vaccine? Let’s also add healthcare to the world over. Enough funds for food and a roof over each living soul. Enough joy to balance

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The Bad News of Obsessive Thinking

My past obsessive thinking created feelings of fear, anger, resentment, worry and a myriad of other emotions that felt overwhelming in the past. None of them filled me with worthiness, always a lack of something if not everything. I have lived in the neighborhood of my mind from my entire

The Result of Your Thoughts Is Your Attitude

Coming from a family of negative Nelly‘s, it was a challenge being positive. I’m not sure that I would say I was always positive, but nor do I think I was negative. Once out of the family home, I was certainly still as afraid as I’d always been. I was


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Welcome to the “UNIVERSITY of YOU” community!

I am thrilled to see that you are ready to get a Masters degree in YOU!

This group is for those interested in making real change in their lives, be the person you want to be, living the life you want to live!

I will share stories of personal challenges and how I moved through them with the aide of a power greater than me. I took courses, read self-help books and joined groups to become the  person I am today.

I continue to gain knowledge, experience and skills along my path, to show you how you can do this yourself. You can make shifts that will change your life forever!

I am a writer, coach, facilitator, speaker, and perpetual student of life. Universities teach many courses but I have created a course about YOU for YOU!

“University of You” has been in the making for 10 years (or my entire life). I’m so pleased to launch this for you in 2020!

You will learn how to take an inside look at YOU at a pace that works for you. This is not a quick fix of anything, none of us are broken.

This is about perspective shifts in;

  • Communication in relationships
  • Self-leadership,
  • Building trust,
  • Knowing yourself inside and out,
  • Learning to except and embrace yourself and others flaws and all,
  • Building your value to embrace yourself as the worthy being you were born to be, and so much more.
  • You will be able to embody your wins and celebrate each one to grow your self-knowledge, worth  and confidence each day through your experiences.
  • I hope this excites you as much as it does me, to share my path with you. If you are a wee bit or even a lot scared, not to worry. I was terrified to find out who I really was on the inside and  was sure I wouldn’t like that person  I was surprised to learn that I was okay just as I was.
  • You’re not alone, I am here and so is this wonderful growing community.
  • Ready to take a step to be a better version of you?
  • Click the link to never miss a thing in our community.
  • Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube.
  • Let’s get started!
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